5 actionable SEO insights to attract organic website traffic

By Narwhal Media Group | May 15, 2023

If you’re looking to improve your SEO game, it’s best to start with some straightforward strategies that are proven to do wonders for your site. These are some actionable SEO tips that you’ll be able to work on yourself — and hopefully see some positive results from. Remember, if you’d like a little extra help with your SEO from the experts, you can get in touch with our SEO team at NMG today.

Let’s take a look at our five actionable SEO tips for beginners…


1. Create quality content

One of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly improve your website yourself is to take a good look at your content. You should be using well-researched, targeted keywords within your content, as well as clear and thorough product or service descriptions. You should also include internal links to other relevant pages and alt image tags to improve your site’s accessibility. 

You can also add more useful content to your page in the form of original and useful blogs related to your product offering. This is a great way to add more search engine-friendly keywords to your site and demonstrate that you’re providing content of value to web searchers.


2. Fix those technical issues

Search engines aren’t huge fans of sites littered with technical issues. Often, these aren’t too difficult to fix — you just need to know what you’re looking for. The technical side of SEO involves making your website more secure, faster, and user friendly. Look out for problems like broken links, duplicate content, non-HTTPS, a slow site speed, 404 errors, missing canonical tags, mobile incompatibility, and poor web design.

Your CMS might even flag certain technical issues with your website, so take a look at whether any faults have been identified on your site’s back end. If you notice any issues, you’ll be able to find some guidance online about how to fix them. Or if you suspect a specific problem, a quick Google will be able to tell you what to look for. If you’re struggling with your technical issues, it might be time to contact our SEO team for some expert help and guidance. 


3. Look at your site structure

Not all website structures are equal — some are more SEO-friendly than others. Think about the hierarchy of your site and how the pages link to each other. It’s better to have a simple, intuitive structure, with fewer clicks between your homepage and other important pages on your site. Why is structure important? It all ties into user experience, which is a top priority for search engines. A good site structure leads to an easy-to-use site that people will spend more time on, return to, and purchase products from. Search engines love this — and it’s good for business, too!


4. Take a look at your metadata

If you’re not already in the know about metadata — get familiar with it. It’s crucial for ensuring that your web pages are as optimised as possible. Metadata helps you to inform search engines about what exactly your content is about. Is it a guide about something specific, a niche product, or a tutorial? You’ll want to get to work on ensuring your meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs are up to scratch.


5. Try to get some incoming links

While it’s all good to link within your own site, incoming links from other websites can also be beneficial for SEO. Links from trustworthy sites give your site credibility and authority — like a ‘thumbs up’, as far as search engine algorithms are concerned. If you have clients or partners that would be happy to link to your website (maybe as a testimonial or as part of a case study), then encourage them to do this.

Be aware that some incoming links can actually damage your SEO. If search engines notice that you have lots of incoming links from poor quality or unreputable websites, they might see this as slightly ‘fishy’ and it won’t do wonders for your ranking.


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