Will the Emergence of ChatGPT Bring an End to Copywriters?

By Narwhal Media Group | August 31, 2023

In 2023, there’s no denying that information is more accessible than ever. Our attention spans are much shorter than they once were, so the inherent power of words is crucial for capturing the wavering attention of any target audience. 

The brains behind choosing the perfect words? Copywriters. The marketing tool that’s arrived to change it all? Enter ChatGPT.

Every business strives to captivate its audience, forge a distinctive brand identity, and climb the rungs of search engine rankings. As technology evolves, the balance between AI-generated content and human-crafted copy has become a pivotal factor in determining a business’s success. After all, content is still king.

So, just how big is this battle between ChatGPT and copywriters? Let’s find out together.


The complexity of quality copy

Personality, tone of voice, and user-focused copy are the foundations for impactful communication. In comparison to human copywriters, this is something that AI is yet to master. Ultimately, content with an authentic, human edge is able to impact the reader in a way that formulated AI copy cannot.

AI can churn out content with astounding speed, but infusing it with authentic personality and human nuances proves to be a challenge. To relay the essence of a brand successfully, authentic, human-like speech is needed rather than AI-generated content.


Quality over quantity

One of the benefits of AI-generated copy is that it can be produced almost instantly at the click of a single button. With more businesses utilising the speed and efficiency of ChatGPT, it seems that people have forgotten that AI content lacks tangible emotion and hints of human connection. And this is exactly what businesses thrive off of for customer retention and sustainable business relationships.

Instead, it’s important to generate content that addresses your target user’s needs, aspirations, and pain points. This will be key to winning their hearts. 

User-centric copy is the bridge that connects businesses with their target audience in a meaningful and sustainable way, and this is what we should all be aiming for.


Crafting brand identity and user experience

A brand is not just a logo or a tagline; it’s an amalgamation of your business’s values, culture, and promises. 

Through carefully woven narratives, copywriters skillfully insert these elements into every piece of content, and this emotional connection fosters loyalty and trust, turning customers into brand advocates.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) also works cohesively with copywriting. Similarly to copywriting, AI can generate text tailored to keywords and search engine algorithms, but it often lacks the contextual finesse that human writers bring to the table. And this is exactly what gets your content climbing up the ranks of the SERP.


The importance of human input

ChatGPT has undoubtedly revolutionised content generation. It boasts the capability to produce content at a staggering volume and speed. Still, the likes of AI tools fall short when it comes to conjuring a particular brand voice. The voice that sets exceptional content apart from mediocre content. 

If we do say so ourselves, the human mind has an uncanny ability to craft content that surprises, resonates, and lingers. And AI content just doesn’t do that — not yet, at least.

Here at NMG, our content team understands that quality copy isn’t just about relaying information; it’s about forging connections and leaving a lasting mark on the reader. And that is something we will always maintain.


Nobody’s perfect, right?

Whilst humans are far from perfect, AI-generated content can often cut corners and lacks an external proofreader that a team of copywriters are blessed with. 

When you rely heavily on AI-generated content, you’ll notice a lot of repeated words, sayings, and phrases, which can generate monotonous, robotic, and predictable copy. Not to mention, this kind of content isn’t very engaging to read either. With the appealing speed at which it generates content, many business owners copy and paste from ChatGPT without a second thought, even though it may have these inconsistencies.

AI’s fallibility in content creation arises from its lack of contextual understanding, limited creativity, absence of emotional intelligence, and a certain amount of bias. These shortcomings, stemming from AI’s reliance on data patterns rather than human intuition and experience, further prove the value of human copywriters in crafting content for human readers.


Create quality copy with NMG

Here at NMG, our content team adopts a brand-centric approach that makes our content a powerful asset in the digital landscape. Whilst AI can handle some tasks with ease, its limitations become clear very quickly, especially if a client is looking for a genuine connection and resonance within their copy.

But nevertheless, we believe that the battle of ChatGPT vs copywriters isn’t a duel, but a synergy waiting to be harnessed.

For businesses wanting to leave a lasting impression on their readers, forge emotional connections, and develop their brand identity in the digital sphere, quality copywriting remains an unparalleled force. 

Get in touch with our team today to elevate your copy today.


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