Luke Sartain

Luke Sartain

  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
Luke Sartain, as the CEO and Founder of NMG, is the driving force behind the company's ascent in the digital world. His vision and entrepreneurial spirit have not only established NMG as a key player but also continuously propel it towards innovative heights. Luke's keen eye for emerging trends and dedication to excellence set the tone for the company's growth and success. His leadership goes beyond mere management; it's about inspiring his team to push boundaries and excel in delivering results that matter. Luke's belief in a client-first approach has been fundamental in crafting NMG's reputation as a trusted, results-driven company. When stepping away from his entrepreneurial role, Luke enjoys the open greens and strategic play of golf. This leisure pursuit mirrors his professional life, emphasising strategic thinking, patience, and the continuous strive for improvement.
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