Brad Burnham

Brad Burnham

  • Marketing strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO

At the forefront of NMG's SEO initiatives, Bradley Burnham shines as an SEO Executive specializing in the nuances of technical SEO and on-page optimization. His expertise lies in his ability to dissect and enhance the technical aspects of a website, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed search engine standards for maximum online visibility.

Bradley's approach to SEO is meticulous and data-driven, focusing keenly on the details that make a significant difference in how a website performs in search results. Whether it's refining a site's structure, improving load times, or ensuring content is both relevant and engaging, his work is all about optimizing every element to achieve the best possible rankings.

Beyond the codes and algorithms, Bradley's passion for football takes center stage. As an avid Arsenal supporter, he brings the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to his favorite team as he does to his professional role. Watching football offers him not just a break from the technical world but also keeps him connected to a community and a sport he loves deeply.

Bradley's blend of technical SEO savvy and his love for football define his multifaceted personality — detail-oriented and strategic at work, lively and passionate about his interests.

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